In movement / En Movimiento


Since 2015 I work as a documentary photographer related to migration, identity, empowerment. Each story, each project is connected in a certain way with something personal, an experience, a memory or central questions that I ask myself as a citizen. In the backstage of these works, I began to add reflections about my history and that of my family, producing small things, writing, thinking, accumulating.

>On the maternal side, my Spanish mother was born in Algeria where she lived until the war against France, when they had to return to Spain before finally arriving in France in 62.
>On the paternal side, I was partly raised by my grandfather, who had been deported to Germany during the Second World War.
> On my side, I migrated to Argentina 10 years ago and today I feel that this place is my place in the world in many ways.

After many turns, I felt that everything began to connect, to function as the chapters of the same story. I began to name them, to think about their narrative and visual contents, what has already been done, what is to be done, what inspires me. I think of this personal project as well as a highly political project, as an echo of many experiences, situations that never ceased to be current.

INTRO_Impossible geographies
1_The first crossing : The “Periph’.
2_One day my family turned white
3_Fragments of an ordinary (extra)deportation
4_Reina and Abdelbaki
7_Those who stayed
OUTRO_Impossible languages