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Anita Pouchard Serra is an architect and she has a master’s degree in urban anthropology (EHESS). In 2011, during the Chilean student movement, she took her first pictures as a ‘photojournalist’, driven by the need to record and broadcast what was happening there at that time. In 2012, she moved from Paris to Argentina where she continued to compose  on the street doing covers and stories for alternative and independent media, accompanying social movements from photography and communication. She also studied photography at the ARGRA School (Association or photographic journalist of Argentine) and at the Diploma in Photographic Documentary Research of  Andrea Chame (University of Buenos Aires -UBA) and in different workshops with SUB Coop and  the argentinian curator Romina Resuche. She gives workshops of photojournalism and documentary photography to children and adolescents in several slums with Ojo de Pez and Compromiso Fotografico. 

Her work is a photograph of immersion, is a reflection of her own experiences and made during long periods , where more oblivious becomes itself and nearby, part of his daily life. She is particularly interested in popular struggles, issues of memory and transmission, as well as urban issues.


In 2009 and 2012, she twice was a finalist at the Grand Prix Paris Match for photojournalism student with two projects : Bucharest, a city of monobloc and Nueve Once, an essay about the September 11 in Chile . In France she is a contributor to the magazine Altermondes. In Argentina she published in Revista Accion, Miradas al sur and she is a permanent collaborator in Marcha Noticias, Revista Nan and Revista Underground Magazine. She had two exhibitions at the Gallery of the University of Buenos Aires-UBA (Buenos Aires), and did other exhibitions at the Biennale of Photography FOTOGRAMA: 13 (Montevideo), Maison de l’Argentine (Paris), at the Maison du Peuple (Brussels), at the Institute of Geography (Paris ), at the Center for European Culture (Saint-Jean d’Angely), among others .