[WORKSHOP] Documentary photography in Washington DC



Expanding the Visual Narrative:
New Methods of Storytelling

Weekend Workshop in Washington DC + live online follow-up session

Feb 7–9, 2020 (Washington DC)
March 14, 12–3pm (online session)

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[WORKSHOP + TALK] Congreso Fotografas Latinoamericanas en Colombia

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[EN] With Koral Carballo we will be offering this workshop together at the Congress of Latin American Women Photographers.
A proposal to reflect together on the collaborative, transdisciplinary and our ways of counting!
We look forward to 3 days of intense and powerful work in Popayan!
We will also share the Welcome to Intipuca City Project process in a public talk.

All info: https://fotografaslatam.com/congreso/
[ES] Con Koral Carballo estaremos brindando juntas este taller en el Congreso de Fotógrafas Latinoamericanas.
Una propuesta para reflexionar juntxs sobre lo colaborativo, lo transdisciplinar y nuestras maneras de contar!
Lxs esperamos en Popayan para 3 días de trabajo intenso y poderoso!
Tambien compartiremos el proceso de Welcome to Intipuca City Project en una charla pública.
Toda la info : https://fotografaslatam.com/congreso/

[PHOTO CAMP] One week at ISSP in Latvia


[ES] Durante una semana, estuve participando de ISSP, la escuela de verano de fotografia de Lettonia donde fui parte del workshop ” (Un)making images together : Photography and collaboration”. Una semana de reflexión, experimentos en cuanto a la participación de la comunidad en nuestros proyectos fotograficos. Pude explorar el mapeo colaborativo y volcar ese proceso en un fanzine personal, mientras colectivamente producimos un fanzine colectivo sobre nuestro proceso.
Tutores : Vincen Beeckman y Anthony Luvera

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[EN] For a week, I participated in ISSP, the Latvian summer school of photography where I was part of the workshop “(Un)making images together : Photography and collaboration”. A week of reflection, experiments regarding community participation in our photographic projects. I was able to explore collaborative mapping and turn that process into a personal fanzine, while collectively producing a collective fanzine about our process.
Tutors: Vincen Beeckman and Anthony Luvera

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[WORKSHOP] Documentary Storytelling online course with StrudelmediaLIVE

[EN] Really happy to give this online course with StrudelmediaLIVE.

Join us on July 22th to August 26th! REGISTER HERE
Strengthen and refine your skills in telling documentary stories and discover ways to get them out to an audience. We’ll discuss how to start a project, the creative process, strategies for working in the field with different subjects and locations, and how to identify and overcome obstacles. We’ll also explore new tools that can enrich your visual narratives by adding graphic elements, such as text, drawings, or maps and we’ll discuss creative ways to tell powerful stories across various platforms. Finally, we will look at different ways of sharing and distributing a finished story to reach a large and diverse audience on your own without an agent, newspaper, or gallery.

Requirement: Students should already be working on a project or have a project idea once the class starts.

[SELECTION] Nominated for the JOOP SWART Masterclass, World Press Photo

[EN] Really happy to have been nominated for the JOOP SWART Masterclass with so many latinamerican colleagues and everytime more and more….women!
[ES] Muy feliz de haber sido nominada para la JOOP SWART Masterclass con tantos y tantas colegas latinoamericanos y sobre todo, cada vez más….mujeres!
[FR] Très heureuse d’avoir été nominée pour la JOOP SWART Masterclass avec tant de collègues latinoaméricains et surtout de plus en plus de….femmes!

[FESTIVAL] First portfolio review as a reviewer


[EN] I had the great opportunity to take part as a reviewer to the portfolio review of the Andes Fotofest, my first one and I hope not the last! I also have the opportunity to learn from Claud Carreras Guillen during his famous editing workshop, editing my works ” Latent urbanities” as a book project and ” The imperfect suburb”.

[ES] Tuve la gran oportunidad de participar como lectora de la revision de portfolios del Andes Fotofest, la primera y espero no la última! Pude tambien participar del famoso taller de edicion de Claudi Carerras, editando dos de mis trabajos ” Urbanidades latentes ” pensando en un libro y ” La periferia imperfecta”.



[EN] During march 2017, I’m doing a pedagoci residence at the Lycée Edgar Quinet, in Paris. The idea of the work with 3 classes of teenagers, is to work about my pictures taken in Calais’s refugees camp during 2016. During one month, they will be my editors to create together their own story and vision about this situation. In April, we will realize an exhibition with this pictures in their school.

[FR] En mars 2017, j’ai le plaisir d’être en résidence pédagogique au Lycée Edgar Quinet, à Paris. L’idée du projet avec 3 classes de première, est de travailler sur mes photos prises dans le camp de réfugiés de Calais en 2016. Pendant un mois, ils seront mes éditeurs afin de créer ensemble leur propre histoire et leur vision de cette situation. En avril, nous réaliserons une exposition avec ces photos et aussi leurs textes dans leur école.

[ES] Durante marzo 2017, estoy haciendo una residencia pedagogica en el Lycée Edgar Quinet, en París. La idea del trabajo con 3 clases de adolescentes, es trabajar sobre mis fotos tomadas en el campamento de refugiados de Calais durante 2016. Durante un mes, serán mis editores para crear juntos su propia historia y visión sobre esta situación. En abril, realizaremos una exposición con estas imágenes y sus relatos en su escuela.

Le Parisien / 10 – 3- 2017