[PUBLISHED] ” Immigrant women workers at the front” in The Nation Magazine

Glad to share my Pulitzer Center project about Immigrant women workers at the front of COVID 19 in The Nation Magazine.

THE NATION ( US) – August 2020


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[GRANT] Pulitzer Center for Crisis Reporting


I’m glad to share that I received a grant from the Pulitzer Center for Crisis Reporting to work on a story about immigrants women workers at the front of COVID-19 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The work will be published in The Nation, El Pais, Revista Anfibia and Revista Lento. Thanks also to the OIM Argentina and Revista Anfibia, for the support through ” CRONICAS MIGRANTES”

[PUBLISHED] Immigrants workers and slums during COVID 19 in Le Monde

le monde 2020 bidonville covid 19005diptico 1

[EN] Pictures of my coverage of immigrants workers in Buenos Aires, Argentina facing the COVID 19 have been published in Le Monde ( FR)

[ES[ Imagenes de la cobertura que vengo realizando a lxs trabajadores migrantes en Buenos Aires, Argentina impactadxs por el COVID 19 fueron publicadas en Le Monde ( FR)




[EN] I’ve got a print for sale over on Lifeboat, a new platform created to support artists during this time of crisis. Artists are in a tough spot, with all work cancelled for the safety of our communities. But you can help! Head over to the site to see some of the amazing work by artists I love, and buy a print (or 2 or 3). If you have the ability to support an artist, please do. Check it out at http://lifeboat.community

_Anita Pouchard Serra_tumaco_L100183009

[WORKSHOP] Sign up for my online course at Strudelmedia Live


Photography and Storytelling:
Explore New Tools and Ideas

Dates: Wednesdays, Apr 15–Jun 3, 2020

Time: 11am–1pm (New York City time)

Sessions: 8

[EN]  If you can’t currently shoot for your project, make this a good moment to concentrate on research or to take a new look at the material you already have. We’ll discuss the creative process, how to plan a project, strategies for working with different subjects and locations, and how to overcome challenges that pop up along the way. Strengthen and refine your skills and explore new tools that can enrich your visual narratives by adding graphic elements, such as text, drawings, or maps.
Finally, we’ll discuss creative ways to tell and share stories across various platforms, and how to reach a large and diverse audience on your own without an agent, magazine, or gallery.



[Featured] Welcome to Intipuca City en el Dario de hoy

El diario de hoy

[EN] In March 2020, the Welcome to Intipuca City project has been featured in El Dario de Hoy, both in print and online. An occasion to talk about the project, our team and our events and community exhibitions in Washington DC area, realized thanks to the We, Women Grant. Please check the video below to know more about them!

[ES En marzo de 2020, el proyecto Welcome to Intipuca City ha sido presentado en El Dario de Hoy, tanto en forma impresa como online. Una ocasión para hablar sobre el proyecto, nuestro equipo y nuestros eventos y exposiciones comunitarias en el área de Washington DC, realizadas gracias a la beca We, Women. Chequeen el vídeo a continuación para saber más !

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Welcome To Intipuca City en El DIario de Hoy, El Salvador from Welcome to Intipuca City on Vimeo.

[PUBLISHED] Book ” 50 ans de photographie française”

[EN] Very happy to be part of the selected photographers for the book ” 50 ans de photographie française”  by Michel Poivert at Editions Textuel with a picture I took in 2016 around Calais Refugees camp.

[ES] Muy feliz de ser parte del libro ” 50 ans de photographie française” de Michel Poivert aux Editions Textuel avec une photographie prise en 2016 autour du camp de réfugiés de Calais.

[WORKSHOP] Documentary photography in Washington DC



Expanding the Visual Narrative:
New Methods of Storytelling

Weekend Workshop in Washington DC + live online follow-up session

Feb 7–9, 2020 (Washington DC)
March 14, 12–3pm (online session)

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